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New Metal Stitching Website Launched

Dec 01, 2014

Nicol & Andrew Group have launched a new website to showcase their expanded metal stitching division among the marine and industrial sectors.

Nicol & Andrew Group are one of the UK's leading on site machining and repair specialists.

Their newly expanded metal stitching services division is able to carry out repairs to Cast Iron, Steel and Aluminium worldwide using tried and trusted cold metal repair procedures.

This service is targeted at customers with a need for such repairs, such as damaged diesel engines, motors, pumps, bridges, presses and compressors (even piano frames).

The equipment could have failed due to due to an explosion, an impact from a foreign body or some form of a fatigue crack. All are good candidates for a metal stitching (or cold metal) repair.

It is a guaranteed cost effective repair solution for any cracked or damaged items of production or marine plant.

The most common metals stitched are Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Aluminium.

Whether your plant has broken in two or even suffered a catastrophic explosion (such as a con rod breaking it's way out of a diesel engine crankcase / block) they can stitch it back together again.



An example below shows a plate with a vertical crack and an inserted piece where the damage had to be cut out.

metal stitching plate before


The second part of the example shows the plate after the basic stitching and peening has taken place.

All that remains is for the stitching to be hand dressed flat and painted.

metal stitching plate after

To see further examples of our metal stitching capabilities please visit