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Metal Stitching Services
UK & Worldwide

Metal Stitching Services

Nicol & Andrew Group are one of the UK's leading repair specialists carrying out repairs to Cast Iron, Steel and Aluminium worldwide using tried and trusted metal stitching procedures.

Our Metal Stitching services provide customers with a guaranteed cost effective solution to cracked or damaged items of production or marine plant.

Whether your plant has split in half or suffered a catastrophic explosion we can put it back together again.

Common items we repair are engines, pumps, bridges, presses and compressors. In fact most large plant that has suffered a failure due to an explosion, an impact or a fatigue crack is a good candidate for a cold metal repair.


metal stitching housing part finished
Part Repaired Housing

Metal Stitching Services

Nicol & Andrew provides an on site stitching repair service all over the UK and Worldwide as required. Our engineer can often be on a plane within a day or so of us receiving the call to attend site.

The repair process is common across many industrial sectors including marine, manufacturing, processing, printing, gas and oil, aggregates and mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Industrial Applications for Metal Stitching

Metal Stitching Repair Applications Include: -

  • Repair of cracked engine blocks
  • Repair of damaged press housings
  • Repair of main bearing pockets (engines and compressors)
  • Repair of gearboxes, motors, pumps and other drives
  • Repair of cracked Piano frames
Further Information Regarding Metal Stitching

Nicol & Andrew can provide assistance with all your metal stitching needs.

If you have a damaged or cracked item such as Aluminium, Steel or Cast Iron please telephone Nicol & Andrew on 0208 5719779. Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements.