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Testimonials - Metal Stitching Case Studies
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Metal Stitching Testimonials

Press Frame Metal Stitching

Please pass on my thanks to your technician for a job well done. The press is back in service and is working as good as new.

Anthony Harris.
Metal Stitch Repair To Diesel Engine Block

Thank you for a quickly carried out and very effective repair to our diesel engine block. I didn't think it could be done and you surpassed my expectations.

John Rushden Works Manager
Cold Metal Repair To Casing

My thanks for a very cost effective repair to a component of our large motor casing. It did not take as long as i expected and it was a first class job.

Rich Holworth Manager
Metal Stitching Of Main Bearing Pocket

Once again my thanks for a stitching repair that got us out of trouble. The replacement main bearing pocket was line bored and came out spot on. The engine is back up and running now.

Mark Cornforth MD
Maktec Marine