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Metal Stitching Diesel Engine Block

Casting Repair Of A Marine Diesel Engine Block


Nicol & Andrew were called to a remote site in Africa to repair a damaged diesel engine block (or crankcase). The engine had suffered a failure and the con rod had smashed it's way out of the engine leaving a large hole.

We despatched engineers from the UK with tooling and a large piece of steel that had been roughly machined to the expected contour (the site personnel had carried out basic measurements).

We dressed up the damaged casting to remove all damage and cracks.

We fitted the steel to the opening and then stitched it into place using the normal cold metal repair (metal stitching) process.


cold metal repair diesel manway door
Make up piece stiched into place ready for final stages


We then finished off the repair by filling in any low points. Hand dressing it back to a smooth contour and then finishing the repair by painting it to help it blend in and to provide a protective coating.


cold metal repair diesel manway door after
Completed repair with final paint job.


To find out more about the repair process please see this link.