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Cast Iron Repair Applications
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How to repair the relationship between pieces of fractured Cast Iron

Fractured or broken cast iron can be a real problem. Repairing it does not have to be.

Using relatively simple techniques cracked or broken cast iron can be easily “stitched” back together using the well-known metal stitching process.

This process can give you back your original casting in perfect working order without any distortions or changes in dimension. Normally no final machining of the component is required.

This cast iron repair process can be vital in emergency situations as it reduces downtime and avoids the replacement of expensive castings.


Cast Iron Repairs - How Do They Work?

Our cast iron repairs are carried out by chain drilling and cutting along the cracks to form a neat slot. We then insert a layer (or layers) of special keys and finally we carefully peen these to form a strong joint, (both water and air tight).

The keys are made from special nickel alloys. They are highly ductile and can be peened to form a metal-to-metal condition closely integral with the cast iron component being repaired. Hence it is a strong and durable repair that will require no maintenance.

In most instances, cast iron repairs can be carried out on site with no need to strip and remove the damaged equipment from its working position.

If the situation demands it, smaller items of equipment can be removed to our workshops for repair.

Missing or eroded sections of cast iron can also be repaired by cutting out and fitting of new cast iron pieces.

Many industries have benefitted to the tune of millions of pounds by reducing time lost due to breakdowns. It is nowadays commonplace for major items of capital plant and equipment to be saved by this method.

Even a catastrophic breakdown can be repaired, allowing for the equipment to go on giving many more years of productive life.

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